PHARMA BLUE is a French company who partners with pharmaceutical industry

Marketing medicinal products in France

The launch of a medicinal product on the French market is ruled by a set of regulatory provisions and requirements. Therefore, a pharmaceutical company wishing to market a new drug in France is required to register and appoint an Operating Pharmaceutical Establishment, responsible for medical information and promotional drugs operations, as well as pharmacovigilance, batch follow-up on the French market and, if required, product withdrawal. Pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies developing innovative drugs, in particular for rare or severe diseases, do not necessarily dispose of an Operating Pharmaceutical Establishment.

What we offer

PHARMA BLUE acts as Operating Pharmaceutical Establishment on behalf of clients, and is experienced in obtaining temporary authorization of use (ATU) or marketing authorization (MA) for launching innovative medicines in France.

Our assets

PHARMA BLUE is an established operating pharmaceutical company, authorized by the French Medicines Agency (ANSM), with a multidisciplinary team comprising registered pharmacists and subject specialists and a successful quality management system.


PHARMA BLUE is a French Company partnering Pharmaceutical Laboratories for the launch on the French market of their proprietary medicinal products having already obtained a Temporary Authorisation of Use (ATU) or a Marketing Authorisation (MA).

PHARMA BLUE is an established French medicines operating pharmaceutical company authorized by the French Medicines Agency (ANSM). The company activities include promotional operations, pharmacovigilance, batch follow-up and, if required, their withdrawal.

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